Executive Coaching



Great coaching helps people in their personal and professional lives. It transforms how you see yourself and will help create the future you really want. It will define your core challenges, assisting you to overcome them by developing your skills. You will end up with a better understanding of your issues, as well as an awareness of your perceptions, beliefs, behaviours and values. It also supports your success by transferring these new skills and behaviours back into your everyday life.

Coaching has the power to improve yourself, your team and your organisation. It helps you to be more effective in any area of life you choose and highlights how you can contribute to your own or the organisation’s success and create the life you truly desire.

Each session will focus on your individual needs and can range from developing leadership, improving work/life balance, business/career development, greater fulfilment, better relationships, increased confidence and much more. It is an extremely powerful form of personal and professional growth.

Individual Investment: Development can take time, so we would normally ask for a 3-month commitment:

  • One session per month (3 sessions for £297)
  • One session every two weeks (6 sessions for £547)
  • One session every week (12 sessions for £997)
  • Bespoke plans are available based on your needs

Organisational investment: £1,997 (+ vat) per day for up to 6 staff members

Warning! Side effects include: increased happiness, better self-esteem, improved relationships, more satisfaction, a sense of purpose and enhanced well-being.